Is Safeway Open on Easter 2023? Holiday Safeway Hours

Whether you’re planning a family get-together, Easter Egg hunt for your kids or hosting a brunch Safeway has everything you need at one place. The colorful cupcakes and cookies that we need to decorate our table on Easter are available at great deals with reasonable prices. Make sure to get food and drinks at special offers from Safeway to celebrate the holiday at your home!

Easter will fall on April 9, 2023. Now that we know when Easter is, the next question that pops up in our mind will be, Is Safeway open on Easter? To know the answer to your question keep reading the detailed article here.

Is Safeway Open on Easter 2023?

Yes, Safeway is open on Easter Sunday this year. But the timings of the stores may vary based on its location. However, we recommend you to check out your local store timings this Easter Sunday on their official website.

We may fail to visit Safeway for easter shopping with our busy work schedule. But you can still order groceries online with flexible Delivery services and convenient Drive-up.

What are Safeway Easter Hours?

Luckily, Safeway is open on Easter and continues to provide services with its regular working hours. The store opens at 6:00 am in the morning and closes at 11:00 pm in the night. But your nearest Safeway may have reduced working hours. Call them ahead for accurate timings.

What Time does Safeway Close?

The Safeway grocery store chain keeps different working hours on Easter Sunday depending on its location. Safeway regularly closes at 11 pm throughout the week. So, worry less if you are running out of chocolate candies and Jelly beans. Safeway is always open for you.

Easter Day Shopping at Safeway

Are you planning a trip to shop at Safeway this Easter Sunday? Well, it’s a great idea. The store is stocked up with Easter eggs, marshmallow bunnies, décor items and many treats. They have everything you need to make your Easter basket remarkable. here is a list of things that you may need at Safeway.

  • Fresh Express Salads
  • Cupcakes
  • Wine
  • Easter eggs
  • Fruit Tart
  • Whole Hams
  • Meat
  • Beverages
  • Baking goods
  • Dairy Products
  • Easter Candles
  • Jelly Beans
  • Toys
  • Bunnies
  • Easter Baskets
  • Chocolate Candies

How to Locate your Nearest Safeway?

Here are easy ways to locate Safeway Stores near you.

Using store locator.

  1. Click on the following link
  2. Now, all you have to do is enter the Zip Code or City and State. Click search.
  3. Make sure to select the choice of store you want to visit.
  4. Select your nearest store. The page displays you contact information and store timings.

Using google chrome.

  1. Open Google Maps and click on the search box.
  2. Now, enter “Safeway near me”. Click Search.
  3. Click on your nearest store to find the address and contact information


From egg hunts, easter baskets, craft activities to festive decorations and special dinner, Easter brings tremendous joy in our lives. We hope you found our answer to question “Is Safeway Open on Easter 2023?” useful and communicative through this article. So, crack open some easter eggs and make your day more beautiful. Have a Happy Easter guys!

Easter Egg Hunt 2023:

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