Is Walmart Open on Easter 2023? Easter Sunday Schedule

From exchanging gifts, and baskets to brunching together on our favorite food, Easter is all about celebration with our family. But maybe you are running out of candies that are required for Easter baskets. At that moment, the instant thought that pops in our mind is to make an emergency trip to Walmart. But you might be wondering “Is Walmart open on Easter 2023?”.

It is really important to know the Walmart Easter Hours and availability of store before heading for last-minute shopping. So here is a detailed article for you. Be certain to read all the information regarding Walmart Easter Hours.

Is Walmart Open on Easter Sunday?

Is Walmart Open on Easter 2023?

Simply, the answer is yes. Walmart will be open on Easter 2023. But the working hours of store may differ based on its location. Although most of the supermarket retailers are closed on special holidays, Walmart is open for its customers.

Whether you finished to shop for Easter or waited until the day, Walmart has every item stocked up for you. The store might be busy with its last-minute customers. So, visit ahead to avoid the crowd.

What are Walmart Easter Hours?

we know that Walmart is open throughout the week and provides a friendly service to its customers. The store is going to operate with its regular hours even on this easter Sunday. Check out the table here to know Walmart Easter Hours.

Walmart Easter dayWorking Hours
Opening hours6:00 am
Closing hours10:00 pm

Walmart opens at 6:00 am in the morning and closes by 10:00 pm on this Easter Sunday. The store offers you deals and offers on their Easter products, which saves you money. They also provide you unlimited free delivery for minimum purchase on their products. Make sure to check out your local store to know about delivery options.

Easter Day Shopping at Walmart

Walmart is always a great place to shop everything we need for our home. They have a wide selection of candy, Easter baskets, home décor items and special gifts that we need for Easter. Here is a list of items to shop at Walmart this Easter.

  • Buttery Homestyle Mashed Potatoes
  • Cake Mix
  • Cupcakes
  • Baking Kits
  • Easter Baskets
  • Plastic Eggs
  • Carrot Cake Square
  • Wine
  • Cookie Mix
  • Kids Toys
  • Easter Candy
  • Chocolates
  • Ferrero Rocher Premium
  • Stuffed Animals

How to Locate your Nearest Walmart?

In order to find your nearest Walmart store, you can follow the steps detailed here,

Using Store Finder Tool:

  • Click on the following link This link navigates you to their official store finder page.
  •  Now enter ZIP code of your locality in the search box, click on Find store.
  • Now the page displays you all the available locations in your locality.
  • Click on your nearest store to find the address, contact information and timings.

Using Google Chrome:

  • Open Google Maps, Enter “Walmart near me” in the search box.
  • When you click enter, Google Maps displays you red pins on your screen.
  • The pinned locations on your screen are your nearest Walmart Stores.
  • Click on your nearest store to find address and contact information.


It is extremely important to know what Walmart Easter hours are before you visit the store. We hope this article has answered your question “Is Walmart open on Easter 2023?”. Make sure to brighter your holiday with extra happiness and love. Have a Happy Easter guys!

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