Is Lululemon Open on Easter 2023? Sunday Store Hours

Are you a looking for shopping at Lululemon’s for your Easter holiday? Well, then this article is something to check out. Lululemon’s Easter Hours are here to offer you various deals on the collection they feature onthe variety of options for both men, women and kids. From comfortable leggings to stylish sports clothes, there’s something for everyone at Lululemon.

But are you wondering “Is Lululemon open on Easter 2023?“. Well, then check out thisarticle to know the answer and more about Lululemon Easter Hours. Always remember that checking timings online ahead of your visit can save both time and energy. Keep reading to know more.

Is Lululemon Open on Easter Sunday

Is Lululemon Open on Easter 2023?

Good news to all the Easter shopping lovers! Lululemon continues to stay open on this Easter Sunday (9th of April) in all of its locations! That means you can still visit them and purchase all the stylish clothing you are waiting to wear on this holiday.

Although you are happy to know that store is open, it may vary depending on the particular location of Lululemon. So, we advise you to give a call to your nearest Lululemon them before heading.

What are Lululemon Easter Hours?

If visitingLululemon’s on this Easter is included in your plan then make sure to take a note of their working hours beforehand. So, here are the timings of Lululemon on this Easter Sunday.

Lululemon Easter DayHours
Opening Hours12:00 am
Closing Hours7:00 pm

Lululemon is open from 12:00 am in morning and runs through 7:00 pm at night on Sunday’s. Thisclothing store continues to stay open with its regular hours even on this Easter holiday. Be certain to call them ahead of your visit for accurate timings.

Easter Shopping at Lululemon Stores

So, If you’re looking for festive wear which blends both of your style and comfort then Lululemon stores are an excellent place to be. They offer a variety of collection to you and your loved ones. Here is the list of items to check out at Lululemon’s on this Easter.

  • Coats & Jackets
  • Dresses
  • Hoodies & Sweatshirts
  • Pants
  • Shirts
  • Skirts
  • Socks
  • Sweaters
  • Swimsuits
  • Workout Clothes
  • Yoga Clothes
  • Bags
  • Gloves & Mittens
  • Hair Accessories
  • Hats
  • Scarves & Wraps
  • Selfcare
  • Water Bottles

How to Locate your Nearest Lululemon?

Finding your nearest Lululemon can be made easier with steps detailed here. So, check out the steps followed while you are using their Store Locator or Google Maps here.

Using Store Locator

  1. Click on this link,
  2. This redirects you to the official page of Lululemon.
  3. Now, enter your address in search box and click enter to find a Lululemon near you.
  4. Now, select on any one of the locations shown on your screen to find more information.

Using Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Maps and enter “Lululemon Near Me” search box.
  2. Now click search to find locations of Lululemon stores around you.
  3. Click on any one of them to find various other details like timings, address and phone number.


If you plan to visit Lululemon over this Easter holiday, be sure to check their opening hours ahead. Additionally, make sure to check out this article about Lululemon Easter Hours to know all the details. Have a Happy Holiday everyone!

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