Is ShopRite Open on Easter 2023? Grocery Store Sunday Hours

Are you planning to do some last-minute Easter shopping? Well, then ShopRite is a grocery store and here to save you on your holiday. They offer a variety of products, including fresh produce, meat, dairy, and bakery items. With plenty of options to choose from and a commitment to prices and deals, you can always rely on ShopRite.

But with Easter around corner, you might be wondering “Is ShopRite Open on Easter 2023?” Well in this article, let’s discuss more about the ShopRite Easter Hours. Keep Reading to find out at what time ShopRite opens and closes on this Easter and ways to locate your nearest ShopRite store.

Is ShopRite Open on Easter Sunday

Is ShopRite Open on Easter 2023?

Well, luckily ShopRite remains open on this Easter Sunday 2023. However, most of the supermarket chains may have reduced hours on Easter weekend. So, it’s important for you to know the timings and availability of ShopRite ahead.

ShopRite also offers you their online shopping and home delivery services. So, this might be a convenient option if you’re unable to visit the store during Easter weekend.

What are ShopRite Easter Hours?

So, If you planned to do some last-minute Easter shopping for your celebration, then it’s important to check the hours of your local ShopRite right now. Here are the timings detailed in the table below.

ShopRite Easter DayHours
Opening Hours6:00 am
Closing Hours 11:00 pm

ShopRite stores typically operate with their regular hours during Easter Sunday. So, the timings of this supermarket chain typically begin from 6:00 am in the morning and runs through 11:00 pm at night every day. That means you have plenty of time to tick off everything in your shopping list.

Easter Shopping at ShopRite

This Supermarket chain offers you a wide variety of fresh produce, meat, dairy, bakery items, treats and decorations. ShopRite has all the products that you need to make your Easter celebration special. So, checkout the list of items they offer on this holiday.

How to Locate Your Nearest ShopRite?

If you’re trying to find where your nearest ShopRite store is located, then here is an answer. Here are a few steps to help you find a ShopRite on this Easter with a few clicks.

Using Store Locator

  1. All you have to do is a simple click on the following link
  2. Now in the search box shown enter your location using city, state or ZIP code.
  3. Click search to find various locations of ShopRite around you. Select one of the stores to find phone number, address and many other details.

Using Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Maps and type “ShopRite near me” in search box. Click on enter.
  2. Now google maps displays a few red pins on your screen which are the locations of Longhorn around you.
  3. Pick any one of them and click on it to find address, contact information and timings.


However, ShopRite is an awesome choice for all your Easter shopping. So, plan ahead and visit a nearest ShopRite to pick up everything you need for the festive celebration. But we advise you to checkout the ShopRite Easter Hours before visiting. Have a good day!

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