Is CVS Pharmacy Open on Easter 2023? Sunday Pharmacy Hours

Easter is a special holiday that all of us look forward to celebrate every year. But what if you are running out of aspirin that one of your family members need on Easter Sunday? Well, CVS Pharmacy has got you covered. They offer all the medicines, wellness and healthcare products at a reasonable price to its customers.

But are you wondering “Is CVS Pharmacy open on Easter Sunday?”. Well, in this article we will be exploring everything you need to know about CVS Pharmacy Easter hours and its timings. Let’s dive in and know more!

Is CVS Pharmacy Open on Easter?

Is CVS Pharmacy Open on Easter 2023?

Well, answer is YES, most of the CVS Pharmacy locations will stay open on this Easter Sunday (9th of April) 2023. To ensure that your nearest CVS Pharmacy store is open on this Easter it’s always best to check directly with them for the accurate information.

Whether you are picking up the last-minute treats before hosting your dinner or healthcare needs CVS Pharmacy has got you covered on this holiday.

What are CVS Pharmacy Easter Hours? 

So, here is a detailed tabular view of CVS Pharmacy Easter Hours. If you are planning to visit CVS Pharmacy then be certain to check out its timings before heading to shop.

CVS Pharmacy Easter DayHours
Opening Hours7:00 am
Closing Hours11:00 pm

CVS Pharmacy is regularly open from 7:00 am in morning and runs through 11:00 pm at night every day. The store continues to follow same working hours even on this Easter Sunday. But this may change based on location of your nearest CVS Pharmacy.

Easter Shopping at CVS Pharmacy

CVS Pharmacy has a wide selection of beauty products and home essentials that makes them a one-stop-shop. So, here are a few items you may need from CVS Pharmacy this Easter.

  • Lotions
  • Lip Balms
  • Medicines
  • Health care products
  • Wellness Products
  • Beauty Products
  • Vitamin pills
  • CVS Health Multivitamin Gummies
  • Gold Emblem abound Heavenly Light Popcorn
  • Paper towels
  • seasonal products

How to Locate your Nearest CVS Pharmacy?

Are you trying to locate your nearest CVS pharmacy on this Easter, then follow these simple steps to find it easily,

Using Store Locator

  1. Open CVS Pharmacy official website using this link,
  2. Now use their store locator feature and enter zip code, state or city in the search box.
  3. Click enter and store locator shows you all the nearest locations.
  4. Now, click on any one of them to find more details.

Using google maps

  1. Start by opening google maps on your phone and click on the search box.
  2. Now enter “CVS near me” and click on search.
  3. Google maps shows you a few red dots on your screen.
  4. Now click on any one of them to find address, timings, and several other details of your nearest CVS pharmacy.


So, visit CVS Pharmacy to stock up all your medicines and health care needs before running out. We hope this article has been helpful and provided you all the information about CVS Pharmacy Easter Hours. Have a great day, guys!

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