Is McDonald’s Open on Easter 2023? Special Menu Offers

Are you looking to feast on Burgers and Wrappers with your family this Easter Sunday? Then, undoubtedlyMcDonald’s is the place to be! They have everything you crave from Big Mac Burger to McMuffin. Let it be a fun feast with your family or a simply get-together on Easter Sunday, they provide you an excellent service. 

But, did this question “Is McDonald’s open on Easter 2023?” has crossed your mind? If yes, then the following article is a must-check. We designed this to provide you every detail about McDonald’s Easter Hour. Make sure to call your nearest McDonald’s for exact timings.

Is McDonald's Open on Easter

Is McDonald’s Open on Easter 2023?

The answer is Yes, luckily McDonald’s keeps their store open this Easter Holiday. We all know almost every fast-food restaurant remains closed on Easter Sunday. But McDonald’s continues to operate their store even on major holidays like Christmas and Easter.

So, if you are looking forward to celebrate your Easter at home, McDonald’s offers Online delivery services in participating locations. Check out their official website to know more about Online services.

What are McDonald’s Easter Hours?

McDonald’s is open on Easter. They are going to follow the same schedule even this Easter Sunday (9th of April). Here is a detailed table view of McDonald’s Easter hours,

McDonald’s Easter DayHours
Opening hours5:00 am
Closing hours12:00 am

McDonald’s is usually open from 5:00 am in the morning and runs through 12:00 am at night regularly. And these timings remain same even on Easter Sunday. But this may vary for stores across various locations. Be certain to call your local store to know exact information.

McDonald’s offers big savings on their Easter menu every year. You can enjoy several deals and combos on food items from their Menu. McDonald’s is going to offer you drive-thru, carry out and indoor dining on Easter Sunday this year.

Easter Deals at McDonald’s

McDonald’s is famous for their Handcrafted food items with fresh ingredients. From Charburgers to salads they have everything for your family. If you are feasting at McDonald’s, here is a list of items to check out,

  • The Big Tasty
  • Mc Crispy
  • Cheese Melt Dippers
  • McFlurry
  • Festive Pie
  • Mighty McMuffin
  • French Fries
  • Peppermint Hot Chocolate
  • Crispy Chicken
  • Big Macs
  • Cheeseburgers
  • McNuggets

How to Locate your Nearest McDonald’s?

Finding your nearest McDonald’s just by driving around is a difficult task. So, here are few steps to make your search easy,

Using Store Locator

  • Click on the following link Locator which directs you to McDonald’s official site.
  • Now, enter the ZIP Code of your locality or city and state. Click search.
  • Now, the webpage displays you several stores in your locality.
  • Now, click on your nearest store to find address, contact information, and timings of the store.
  • McDonald’s also offers you online delivery services, make sure to check it out on their official website.

Using Google Chrome

  • Open Google Maps and Click on the search box.
  • Now enter “McDonald’s near me” in the search box. Click search.
  • Now, google maps displays you several locations. Click on your nearest store.
  • Now, you can find Address, contact information and timings of the store.


Easter is a great time to enjoy some of your favorite foods with friends and family! And McDonald’shas something to offer for each one in your group. We hope you found the answer to question “Is McDonald’s open on Easter 2023?” helpful with this article. Have a Happy Easter guys!

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